Cricket Bags



Protect the most important assets in your game with the premium line of cricket bags by Kookaburra.

Constructed from high quality durable materials, packed full of features and finished with an understated class, the range of Kookaburra cricket luggage for this season are sure to impress on every cricketer.


Kookaburra offer three bags in this premium range for the International or First Class cricketer. 

At the top of the range is the Pro Players 1LE Wheelie with “cavernous” equipment capacity so players can easily store all their clothing and kit.  Large external pockets for easy access on the side of the bag, heavy duty wide gauge durable wheels, premium soft feel handles, premium braided polyester and choice of two colours – Black/Lime or Navy/Red are standard across the Pro Players premium cricket bag range.


There are seven models in this range, offer cricketers a choice of features, sizes and colours options for all levels. 

FOOTWEARLOCK is an internal footwear compartment for cricket shoes which keeps them separate from other parts of a players cricket kit within the bag and helps prevent unnecessary damage when on the move.  EXTRA POCKETS, whether internal or external, are standard across the PRO WHEELIE luggage range and help to organise the players various items making it easily accessible all times. A must for all players with lots of kit.

INBAT is a separate chamber that is reinforced and padded to give unrivalled protection for up to three bats and helps keep the bag balanced, available on the Pro 1500 Wheelie Bag.  This is a great feature as players can easily whip out one of their bats when needed.  For other models, the EXBAT is an external sleeve compartment which positions the bat away from other equipment in the bag, offering greater protection during extensive transit.  AIR MESH VENTILATION are rubberised are vents located in key areas of your bag to improve airflow circulation and reduce odours in storage.

Both the Pro 1500 Wheelie and Pro 900 Wheelie cricket bags have multi tiered storage compartments, with the top tier providing a great area to store all your cricket whites, then flip it back to access your cricket equipment all stored in one neat area.

The Pro 800 Wheelie and Pro 600 Wheelie bags also offer THE FRIDGE, a stay cool lined pocket ideal for keeping drinks cool during those hot summer days out in the field purchased on the way to game and needed after scoring another lazy ton!

The Pro 500 Wheelie and Pro 300 Holdall are junior size bags and ideal for bowlers who prefer not carry much kit.

All Pro Wheelie Bags use durable wide gauge HEAVY WHEELS that not only last longer, but also offer a quieter, smoother ride unlike any other cricket bag you’ve owned before. 

Across the range, Pro Wheelie cricket bags are available in a choice of four flavours – Black/Lime, Black/Orange, Navy/Red or Navy/Lime.


Duffle cricket bags have become popular recently, a number of players prefer to pick up their cricket bag and throw it over their shoulder.  The Kookaburra Pro Duffle bag has large storage space, padded shoulder pads and the FOOTWEARLOCK where cricketers can access their cricket shoes easily without diving into the bag.


Kookaburra offer three cricket bat covers.  Two full length protection models and one offering three quarter protection, either way, an important accessory for protecting that cherished piece of willow in any players cricket bag.  Available in four colour options.

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