Cricket Gloves



Kookaburra offer one of the best ranges of cricket batting gloves in the world, from the contemporary square micro weight high density foam (HDF) Onyx Batting Glove range to the traditional sausage cotton styled Verve Cricket Gloves.  The Kookaburra range of cricket gloves offer lots of unique features and exceptional protection for cricketers of all levels.

The Kookaburra range is mostly made up of contemporary square styled gloves however there are still many professional players who still prefer the feel of thetraditional ‘sausage’ style cricket glove, which still offer maximum protection and comfort.  Each glove range compliments range availability in Kookaburra cricket bats and batting pads to for players who like to complete the look.

KAHUNA GLOVES  are top of the range Kookaburra batting gloves.  Kahuna gloves offer traditional style gloves with ergonomic ‘Multi Flex’ sections providing unparalleled batting protection and the ultimate in flexibility.  BUBBLE II GLOVES are square lightweight high density foam (HDF) gloves combined with Bubble styling and ergonomic ‘Multi-Flex’ sections to deliver supreme batting protection.

ONYX GLOVES  are square microweight high density foam (HDF) gloves with enhanced Onyx design and “Shark Tooth” flex points to allow unrestricted ease of movement, enabling players to execute shots to the finest detail. PLASMA GLOVES are lightweight high density foam (HDF) batting gloves, contemporary styled offering unrestricted flexibility, with ‘Multi Flex’ sections and fibre reinforcements providing the ultimate in protective quality. VERVE GLOVES are classically styled sausage cricket gloves with traditional cotton ‘Multi Flex’ sections providing exceptional player protection and flexibility.


Across the complete Kookaburra range are a number of features available within each range depending on the protection level, ranging for Level 1 (Entry) upto Level 5 (Test Match).  Some of the glove range features include:  

Multi Flex sections are ergonomically positioned flex points on the glove fingers which allow unrestricted ease of movement while batting - enabling players to execute shots to the finest detail.  Ergonomically positioned Shark Tooth flex points are an alternative design to Multi Flex and also allow unrestricted ease of movement when batting in the middle.

Total Shock Dispersion (or TSD) is an innovative soft fill layer in the back of the cricket glove hand - providing superior protection, comfort and feel for the most discerning players.

Fibre Reinforced are durable fibre inserts within the tips of the finger rolls offering unrivalled impact protection and instantly dissipate shock felt throughout the cricket gloves. Airflow Mesh is a lightweight, breathable mesh between the glove protection and pittards, that provides air flow throughout the entire cricket glove to enable unparalleled moisture dispersal and maximum feel while batting. 

Premium Pittards use Cougar leather for the cricket gloves palm, offering unparalleled comfort and durability while generating supreme grip and feel while holding a cricket bat.  As an alternative Premium aniline sheep leather is incredibly soft and supple for comfort, whilst being tough enough to provide support and durability. Strategically positioned, Max Flo ventilation holes perforated throughout the palm and fingers wick moisture away to provide consistent bat grip throughout a long innings.

As standard, Kookaburra gloves are finished with either a 50mm double or single sided towel wrist to help wipe away the perspiration while building that match winning innings and fastened with velcro to make them easy to remove after batting.

Kookaburra cricket gloves are available in a range of sizes from XSB (extra small boys) upto OS (over size mens) in either left or right hand gloves.

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