Kookaburra Regulation Cricket Ball


Kookaburra is the World’s NUMBER 1 Cricket Ball manufacturer, used in both International & First Class Cricket in every cricket playing Country.

  • MODEL: Regulation
  • CODE: CB1404

The Kookaburra Regulation Cricket Ball continues to be the predominant choice of league or association cricket in the Southern Hemisphere and is extensively used in grade cricket in Australia.

Manufactured in our ‘state of the art’ factory in Melbourne – The Kookaburra Regulation Cricket Ball consistently out performs all competitors.

  • Colours: Red, White & Pink
  • Sizes: 156g & 142g
Profile International quality - Excellent quality Australian made four piece construction
Cover Selected first grade tanned steer hide with cabled stitching
Core Three layers each of cork and worsted yarn, built up from a small cork and rubber nucleus
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