Kookaburra Pro 500 Wheelie Cricket Bag

Cricket Bag

The Kookaburra Pro Luggage range of cricket bags offer functional features, high quality materials and modern looks, making Kookaburra the obvious choice for any player.

  • MODEL: Pro 500 Wheelie
  • CODE: ACA6X04

The Kookaburra Pro 400 Holdall Cricket Bag is an Junior Club quality bag featuring a Compact equipment capacity and ExBat Pocket.

  • Colours: Black/Lime, Charcoal/Orange & Royal/Gold
  • Sizes: 680 x 280 x 260mm (L x W x H)
  • compact

    Compact equipment storage with over 50 litre capacity

  • Ex Bat

    An external sleeve compartment positions the bat away from other equipment offering greater protection during extensive transit.

  • Kooka Tuff

    Premium braided polyester to take the 'wear and tear'

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