Kookaburra Renegade Street MBow 1 Hockey Stick


Kookaburra Hockey meets cool head on, so don't be afraid to express yourself!  Be individual..........Be unique...........Be STREET!!

  • MODEL: Apocalypse
  • CODE: HSA641

  • Tri Core

    Kookaburra has given the sport of hockey yet another innovation: Introducing Tri-Core. Developed with scientific precision using the latest technological industry advancements, Kookaburra have created a unique triple-chamber construction. Generating unprecedented power, precision and playability, Tri-Core sees our range of Team sticks take it to the next level

  • SFR

    Kookaburra’s unique soft feel resin formula promotes feel and dexterous control without compromising on power. SFR »»Reduce Shock »»Enhanced Touch

Profile iBow
Construction Dual Core with Carbon composite technology 40% CARBON & 60% FIBREGLASS
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Grip Pro Cushion
WeightLight & Medium
Length36.5", 37.5"
40% Carbon
60% Fibreglass
- Profile
Placing the optimum point of the shaft directly between the L-Bow and M-Bow ranges, iBow attains unique characteristics from both and the result is a unique, innovative, powerful and supremely playable profile.
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