Kookaburra Lithium UL MBow 2 Hockey Stick


The Ultralite range goes from strength to strength - combining the latest in carbon composite materials and Kookaburra's unique Soft Touch Compound.  The Lithium weighs up to 4oz lighter than conventionally manufactured sticks.

  • MODEL: Lithium
  • CODE: HSA632

The Lithium, our unique M-Bow Ultralite, now boasts
Kookaburra’s Tri-Core construction to produce our most
playably powerful version to date.
Combined with a plethora of unique features, the
Ultralite Lithium is the perfect accomplice for any player
wanting to merge stick speed, with stick power!

  • Tri Core

    Kookaburra has given the sport of hockey yet another innovation: Introducing Tri-Core. Developed with scientific precision using the latest technological industry advancements, Kookaburra have created a unique triple-chamber construction. Generating unprecedented power, precision and playability, Tri-Core sees our range of Team sticks take it to the next level

  • Fabricated Carbon

    Tightly weaved cross linked carbon fibres maximise surface area, reducing the use of epoxy resin to create exceptional shaft strength and playable power NEW FABRICATED CARBON »»Strength »»Power

  • Nano Composite

    STRENGTH, POWER, STABILITY: Nano Carbon Composite Formula uses tubular microstructures that bond the resin into the sticks reinforcing fibres more effectively, resulting in unparalelled strength and torsional stability

  • Precision Edge

    Kookaburra’s reinforced flattened edge enables potent execution of ‘back hand’ shots time and time again. PRECISION EDGE »»Backhand Power & Technique

  • Reinforced Edge

    Reinforced Edge

  • KCF

    The unique texturised playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in exquisite feel, control and agility. KCF »»Amazing Feel »»Control

  • SFR

    Kookaburra’s unique soft feel resin formula promotes feel and dexterous control without compromising on power. SFR »»Reduce Shock »»Enhanced Touch

  • STC


  • Ultralite


Profile MBow 2
Construction Tri-Core engineering with Fabricated Carbon and Nano technology 95% CARBON & 5% FIBREGLASS
Features Fabricated Carbon, Precision Edge, Soft Touch Compound, KCF, SFR
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Grip Pro Gel
Length36.5", 37.5"
95% Carbon
5% Fibreglass
- Profile
Taking things a step further, the MBow 2 emphasises the MBow 1 effect by creating a more prominent bow further up the shaft. The result, unparallelled levels of playability and power. OPTIMUM POINT: 24.5mm @ 380mm
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