Cricket Gloves



Kookaburra offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of batting gloves in the world combining both high technology and traditional materials in square & rounded styles to produce unique protection enhancing features which provide exceptional protection for batsmen.

The choice of whether a player prefers the square or rounded look to their gloves is highly personal – in the past it was felt that the use of the traditional cotton materials which are typically used in the production of the ‘sausage’ style product gave better protection; however the modern generation of players prefer the ultra-lightweight feel that foam gloves provide and by using premium foam in conjunction with high impact fibre reinforcement it is possible to replicate the protective qualities of cotton with the lightness of foam.

Kahuna Batting Gloves – Kahuna remains the flagship of the Kookaburra Collection with batting gloves featuring a superb combination of traditional appearance with multi-flex comfort

Verve Batting Gloves – for 2016 Verve Gloves have evolved using lightweight / high impact foam – providing a contemporary multi-flex appearance with the additional protection feature of ‘shark tooth’ intersections

Onyx Batting Gloves – these again feature micro-weight foam; however this time the intersections of curved providing a slightly different flex without compromising on protection in any way

Ignite Batting Gloves – have a simpler cleaner look with minimal use of colour on the glove. They once again feature lightweight foam with fibre reinforcement to give superb protection

Blade Batting Gloves - ‘sausage’ style gloves have historically been less flexible than multi-section products; however for 2016 Kookaburra have combined the protective characteristics of cotton padding with the flexibility of multiple sections to produce arguably the ultimate in protection and comfort


Multi-Flex – ergonomically positioned intersections replicate the positioning of the knuckles on the hand to provide ultimate flexibility

‘Shark Tooth’ – pointed intersections which create additional protection with the ‘multi-flex’ design

Total Shock Dispersion – the use of high technology foam in the back of the hand to dissipate shock & provide additional comfort

Fibre Reinforcement – the use of high impact sculptured poly-propylene plates to provide unrivalled impact protection.

Pittards Leather – manufactured by the world leaders in leather technology ‘Pittards Leather’ offers superb comfort & durability

Sheepskin Leather – exceptionally soft and comfortable whilst at the same time resilient enough to provide excellent support during shot making.

Calf Leather – exceptionally strong and hard wearing – lacking the comfort that Sheepskin or Pittards Leather provides but offering superb value for club players.

Max-Flo – unique Kookaburra styled ventilation to the palm allowing the dissipation of moisture and ensuring a consistent grip throughout play

Kookaburra Batting Gloves are available in a range of sizes from XSB (extra small boys) to OSM (large men’s) for full details of sizing please refer to the technical area of the Kookaburra website 

To find a local retailer who stocks Kookaburra cricket gloves, visit our stockists listing page and just type in your postcode to contact them directly.