Cricket Pads



To complement the Batting Glove range Kookaburra offer equivalent products in batting pads also.  These feature different cosmetic appearances ranging from traditional cane to flat foam – again it is purely down to personal preference as to which style you would use as all styles offer excellent protection. 

Kahuna Batting Pads – utilise a combination of traditional canes & high technology foam to optimise protection - Kahuna Pro & Kahuna 900 also include the unique Kookaburra ‘offset’ instep design – this focuses protection where it is required most, to the side facing up to the bowler

Verve Batting Pads – utilise square high density foam & feature the critically acclaimed ‘extra flex’ side wing design

Onyx Batting Pads – are again manufactured in high density foam but additionally feature a high impact bumper strip at the top of the top hat to improve the shaping of the pad and maintain a close fit to the thigh during play

Ignite Batting Pads – use high density foam but additionally offer improved protection by virtue of the extra wide central bolster in the front of the pad – this ‘Tibia Tec’ bolster gives wider protection than traditional styled bolsters

Blade Batting Pads – these are very traditional products with a minimal use of colour – they also feature the ‘extra flex’ side wing design


Cricket batting pads vary in the way they are constructed and across the majority of the Kookaburra batting pad ranges a mix of HDF & CANE is used.  Industry acclaimed high density foam (HDF) and cane construction mix both microweight or lightweight materials with traditional cane protection.  The BLADE PADS range and entry models are the only batting pads which just uses traditional cane rods.

Historically cricket batting pads were very wide and bulky due to materials available at the time.  With the onset of high density foam (HDF) and other technological advancements, unless otherwise indicated, Kookaburra has a SEVEN CANE WIDTH front leg, to enable a slimmer cricket pad making it much easier for players to run between wickets.

The batting pad face or facing can vary between models from premium brushed cotton PU, premium PU to premium PVC.  These are easy to clean if you find yourself diving to make your ground after taking that quick single.

EXT KNEE, located on the front of the pad and knee roll, is produced using three separate components.  Kookaburra’s external knee roll with vertical bolsters generates critical protection and excellent shaping.

Kookaburra cricket batting pads have a number options depending on the model.  SIDE WING, made from one piece HDF, builds protection around the side of the leg or calf to shield against side impacts. TWO PIECE SIDE WING is made up of two HDF panels and offers increased flexibility around the leg for a slimmer fit.

On the inside of the cricket pad the Kookaburra CONTOUR PLUS is an internal knee bolster which wraps around the knee, using a high impact plastic shell combined with multiple layers of shock absorbing foam.  The TRI-SECTION shin bolster forms perfectly around the lower leg, providing immense comfort and additional protection.

An ergonomically shaped calf strap for easier fastening, with 50mm (calf and ankle) and 25mm (knee) Velcro not only make Kookaburra cricket pads very comfortable to wear but also easier to whip them on and off.

Whatever cricket batting pad you decide, Kookaburra always recommends that you try them on for fit prior to purchase to maximise comfort and protection for the level of cricket played.  Also consider where or not you would like to keep the cricket pads in the range family (e.g. Kahuna) or mix and match depending on what feels right as a player (some players prefer light weight materials and others more traditional).

Kookaburra pads are available in a range of sizes from XSB (extra small boys) upto OSM (large mens) in either left or right batting pads, while lower priced models are ambidextrous.

To find a local retailer who stocks Kookaburra cricket batting pads, visit our stockists listing page and just type in your postcode to contact them directly.