Cricket Shoes



Kookaburra cricket shoes offer cricketers lightweight, durable, performance footwear specifically designed and engineered for cricket, whether you bat, bowl or field.

The Kookaburra cricket shoe range is produced using the latest industry specific materials to combine excellent support and comfort with ultra low weight.  Micro or light weight cricket shoes have become very popular with players at all levels and assist in keeping cricketers nimble on their feet while in the field or compiling a long innings.

The top of the range Kookaburra Pro Players Dual Spike has the acclaimed ‘Durafoam’ midsole with shock absorbing qualities, instantly dissipating impacts throughout the sole for improved comfort while taking that quick single, rolling the arm over or snaring victims behind the stumps.  As players spend a long time out on the ground, comfort is not only paramount but also decreases the chance of injury.  The Durafoam cushions your foot throughout the day and allows players to concentrate on the game without being distracted by tired or aching feet.

Across the range all Kookaburra cricket shoes offer ‘Thermo’ thermal flex heel counter for increased support around the ankle and a number of models offer the dual option (spike and half spike) with eight rubber cleats included. 

Dual option cricket shoes offer cricketers flexibility to customise the set up of their shoes to ensure they get their footing or grip right for the range of cricket surfaces they play on and variety of weather conditions.  Unless you play on artificial wickets, Kookaburra would recommend that players wear cricket spikes.  Dual spikes also allow cricketers to replace worn down spikes and/or use brand new cleats on those grounds with lush green outfields so players are less likely to slip keeping, fielding or running between wickets.

The Pro Players Dual Spike incorporates ‘Clima Fresh’ which is a unique interior lining that improves airflow around the foot.  The shoe upper is made out high quality leather and ‘Airflow’ vents are strategically positioned to help wick sweat and heat away from the player’s feet, providing comfort and consistent grip while out on the ground. A cricket shoe upper is important for any player, as it wraps around the foot giving you the right balance between movement flexibility and hold within the shoe.

Ultra lightweight nickel plated spikes, an essential feature of the Pro Players Dual Spike, provides durability and that all important grip as you skip down the wicket to loft the bowler back over their head or take that diving one handed catch.

The Pro 750 Spike and Pro 760 Rubber cricket shoe models are more competitively priced.  They are a stylish running shoe design, similar to trainers with spikes for the dual spike models.  These cricket shoes offer slip last for comfort and support and ultra shock absorbing midsole.

For junior cricketers, sizes are available in both the Pro 750, Pro 760 and Pro 215 Rubber, while for indoor preseason cricket training the rubber options are also worth consideration for the aspiring cricketer.

Whatever cricket shoe you decide, Kookaburra always recommend that you try on the shoe for fit prior to purchase to maximise comfort and support.  Cricketers all have different feet shapes, sizes, and styles of walking so try the desired cricket shoe on instore, walk around in them and play a ramp shot before attempting a quick single.  Besides your cricket bat, your cricket shoes will be one of the most important items in your kit bag and could be the difference between a good season and great one.    

Kookaburra cricket shoes are available in mens and junior sizes, ranging from size 3 upto size 13 in full sizes. 

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