Small Mens Bats



Everyone wants to play the game better and internationally acclaimed coaches identify that in order for young players to develop properly it is essential that they use the correct size and weight of bat.

The perennial dilemma is what size should you use if you are tall but not very strong – this is the typical situation into which young players of both sexes & women players fall.

In the past the choice would have simply been to use either a Harrow (H) sized bat or a senior Short Handled (SH) bat; however this choice is filled with potential pitfalls as should you choose a short handled bat the likelihood is that it will be too heavy whereas the harrow may be too short. Either way the chance of the player developing as well as they can is reduced.

The Kookaburra ‘Small Man’s’ (SM) Bat offers the ideal solution as it falls in size between the two previous options and in weight is typically the same as a Harrow bat – after all you wouldn’t buy clothing that is too big in the hope that you will ‘grow into it’ would you or buy it too small in the hope that you will somehow miraculously become smaller – so why should you do that when it comes to a cricket bat?  

BUT – ‘how do you do it?’ We hear you ask – well the answer is simple the blade of the bat is slightly bigger and wider (although not so much as to make a significant impact on the weight) and the handle is slightly longer resulting in a model which fits directly in the middle (from a height perspective) between a Harrow & a Short Handle cricket bat.

We would typically recommend that this bat should be used by a player between 5ft 7ins to 5ft 9ins in height.

The other great thing is that since we are still using a junior English willow cleft the price of the ‘Small Men’s’ will be exactly the same as that of the Harrow – meaning that there is no costly jump in price if the player seeks to maintain the quality in senior bat as they have used in a junior model.

So everyone wins – the player gets to have the chance to use a bat which is the correct weight & height for them & the price is the same as a junior bat

Kookaburra ‘Small Men’s’ Bats – giving players the chance to maximise their potential with a choice of six models.