Max trio cricket bat grip


Cricketers like different types, styles, weights and balances of a cricket bat. The grip is the prime point of contact with the bat, therefore Kookaburra has developed a wide range of different cricket bat grips designed to cater for the personal preference of all players.

  • MODEL: Max Trio
  • CODE: GK175 (Purple/Berry/Lime), GK176 (White/Blue/Black), GK177 (White/Lime/Black), GK178 (Blue/White/Red), GK179 (White/Orange/Black)

Kookaburra 'Max Trio' is a triple colour cricket bat grip exclusive to Kookaburra, using ‘Octopus Suckers’ at the top of the grip and the proven rotational shape of the players grip at the bottom to enhance control.

  • Colours: Purple/Berry/Lime, White/Lime/Black, Blue/White/Red, White/Orange/Black, White/Blue/Black
  • Sizes: One Size
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