Kookaburra use traditional methods to produce their bats

They are handmade and not machine manufactured, which gives our master bat maker the opportunity to use his skills to produce the best bat possible from every cleft of willow. In these days of mass production it is reassuring to know that there are centuries of experience going into the production of every single Kookaburra bat, giving players every chance of making centuries for themselves.

Historically bat makers have defined the various grades of willow based on the percentage of heart (red) wood there is in a particular cleft, as generally speaking more red wood means the bat will be harder, less responsive and correspondingly cheaper. If outright performance is vital, you should always select a bat with a greater white to red wood ratio.

Kookaburra bat grading is exemplary in the market; although pricing has increased over time the grading has not slipped and as such neither has the quality; meaning that ‘pound for pound’ Kookaburra offer the best value in the market.