Kookaburra Team Midas Hockey Stick

Team Midas

Using the latest in stick technology, the Team Stick Range are the ultimate players sticks.

  • MODEL: Team Midas
  • CODE: LS500

Our principal M-Bow stick the Team Midas benefits from the use of our ground breaking tri core technology in union with a number of other technological advances including Innegra reinforced edge, our 2017 version combines extreme performance potential with state of the art design.

  • Tri Core

    Tri-core reconstructs the sticks internal structure to offer optimum stiffness and improved power.

  • Innegra Edge

    The lightest fibre commercially available in the world today. Used with carbon fibre, Innegra forms an extremely resilient ultra hybrid composite structure.

  • KCF

    Exceptional feel and improved control. The textured playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in exquisite feel, control and agility.

  • SFR

    Kookaburra’s unique soft feel resin formulated into the core construction of the stick creates unparalelled durability and exquisite feel on impact

Profile MBow 1.0
Features Tri Core, Innegra Reinforced Edge, KCF & SFR. Supplied with stick sock.
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Grip Pro Hold
Length36.5", 37.5"
98% Carbon
2% Fibreglass
- Profile
For players who prefer a more conventional stick. The MBow 1.0 places the optimum point of the bow in the mid-section of the shaft, enhancing ball control and 'sweep hitting' techniques, whilst specialising the full blooded strike. OPTIMUM POINT: 23mm through 320mm
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