Kookaburra Team Phoenix Hockey Stick

Team Origin

Using the latest in stick technology, the Team Stick Range are the ultimate players sticks.

  • MODEL: Team Origin
  • CODE: LS500

The Team Origin has a huge carbon content, which combined with the new Innegra reinforced edge and a host of playing characteristics means it is rightly our flagship LBow stick.

  • Tri Core

    Tri-core reconstructs the sticks internal structure to offer optimum stiffness and improved power.

  • Innegra Edge

    The lightest fibre commercially available in the world today. Used with carbon fibre, Innegra forms an extremely resilient ultra hybrid composite structure.

  • KCF

    Exceptional feel and improved control. The textured playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in exquisite feel, control and agility.

  • SFR

    Kookaburra’s unique soft feel resin formulated into the core construction of the stick creates unparalelled durability and exquisite feel on impact

Profile LBow Extreme 1.0
Features Tri-Core, Innegra Reinforced Edge, KCF & SFR. Supplied with Stick Sock
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Grip Pro Hold
Length36.5", 37.5"
98% Carbon
2% Fibreglass
- Profile
Building on the LBow Extreme 2.0 the 2017 LBow Extreme takes things to the next level. With a lower optimum point further assisting drag flick and 3D skills. OPTIMUM POINT: 24.00mm through 222mm
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