Stick Technology & Size Guide


science of the stick

At Kookaburra we’re rightly proud of our Hockey Stick Range. Every piece of equipment is packed with embellishing features, tested bespoke science and stylish eye-catching design. Optimising the best breakthrough enhancements from current Kookaburra research, the range has been redesigned to reflect some revolutionary breakthroughs in hockey engineering.

Designed by experts and perfected by players, Kookaburra enables you to hit the ball further, faster, harder – yet retain more control than ever before.

Bolstered by the latest advances in the lab, Kookaburra utilises its unique construction formats to put the ultimate hockey stick into your hands. Combining this season’s newest in vogue styles on the outside, with reliable precision-built sports engineering on the inside.


Selecting the right length of stick if vitally important if all skills of hockey are to be developed and performed well.  In general your height determines what length of stick you should use.  A lot of players use sticks are far too long - one the main reasons being that it is seen as 'cool' to play with a senior stick.  However using the wrong size will negatively affect the players performance, due to the length and mass not being balanced.  

Stick Length  Height of Player
5ft 8in + 37.5"
5ft 3in - 5ft 8in  36.5"
5ft - 5ft 3in  35"
4ft 9in - 5ft  34"
4ft 6in - 4ft 9in  33"
4ft 3in - 4ft 6in  32"
4ft - 4ft 3in  30"
4ft  28"


Kookaburra's technical team has been extremely busy this year.  Not content with pushing the boundaries of innovative construction techniques, such as pioneering tri core, the group has worked on developing new streamlined stick shapes.  

 Kookaburra Hockey Oval Handle    
Oval Handle 
Crafted oval handle assists with maximizing the bow position to create a dramatic profile. Ergonomically designed for comfort and feel.

 Kookaburra Hockey Energy Groove    
Energy Groove
Helps to generate enhanced ball speed.  Assists with passing control and precision.

 Silicone   Silicone Sleeve
Silicone sleeve integrated into the handle for ultimate shock absorption and assists with enabling maximum power potential.
 Tri Core
Implemented across a number of our top models, Tri-Core reconstructs' the sticks internal structure to offer optimum stiffness and improved power.
 Dual Core
Used throughout the Kookaburra range, our Dual-Core construction creates high power with the perfect blend of playability and control.

The lightest fibre commercially available in the world today.  Used with carbon fibre, Innegra forms an extremely resiliant ultra hybrid composite structure.

 Reinforced Edge   REINFORCED EDGE 
Kookaburra's have reinforced the backhand edge, strengthening a key area in stick construction, aiding and enhancing durability.
 Fabricated Carbon  

Tightly weaved carbon fibre is cross linked throughout the shaft, reducing the use of epoxy resin, providing unrivaled strength and power potential.
Skill Zone  

Concave stick face shaping holds the ball with ease, giving unbelievable close control for 3D Skills, drag flicking and aerial prowess.

 Ultralite   ULTRALITE
There's lightweight and there's Ultralite!!  Kookaburra's range of Ultralite sticks are produced up to 4oz lighter and conventional sticks.
 Precision Edge  

The profile of the backhand edge has been precision flattened, enabling perfect execution of back hand shots time and time again.

Exceptional feel, improved control.  The texturised playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in exquisite feel, control and agility.

Soft feel resin formulated into the core construction of the stick created unparalelled durability and exquisite feel on impact.