Kookaburra Pro Players LE Pro Guard

Pro Players LE

The extensively developed Kookaburra Pro Guard is the ultimate protection system for batsmen. Utilising Kookaburra’s Multi-Component Adjustment system, the Pro Guard’s functional design combines phenomenal protection with ultra lightweight materials and a comfortable fit.

  • MODEL: Pro Players LE
  • CODE: 3D98101

The Kookaburra Pro Players LE Pro Guard is a Grade 1 quality dual leg protector and features a microweight body with fully adjustable design.

  • Colours: White & Lime
  • Sizes: S, M, L & XL
  • Body Shell

    The use of Ultra High Density Foam and ergonomic cutouts provide increased shock absorption in vital areas.

  • Thermo Flex

    Thermo Flex Foams mould to your body shape allowing greater agility, comfort and speed of movement.

  • Multi-Component

    The multiple components of the Pro Guard are adjustable and removable, providing a tailored fit for all players.

  • Ultralite

    Micro weight materials and design allowing the contemporary player to maximise flexibility & agility.

  • HDF

    3D shaped High Density Foam ensures an accurate fit around the legs providing ultimate protection.

  • Comfort Fit

    Extra wide ‘comfort-fit’ elasticated straps ensure a secure fit to the body without any unnecessary pressure.

Profile Grade 1 Protection
Impact Protection Shaped microweight ultra high density foam with moulded shock dispersion foam over the hip
Features Comfort feel towel backing with fully adjustable components offering custom fit
Straps 75mm waist and 45mm elastic thigh with velcro closure
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