Kookaburra Pro Players 1LE Wheelie Cricket Bag

Pro Players 1

Protect the most important assets in your game with our Pro Players Luggage - a premium line of cricket bags from Kookaburra. Constructed from high quality, durable materials and finished with understated class, the Pro Players cricket bag range won't disappoint.

  • MODEL: Pro Players 1 Wheelie
  • CODE: 3S18326

The Kookaburra Pro Players 1 Wheelie Cricket Bag features a braided polyester construction with lateral bat pockets and tapered design for greater stability.

  • Colours: Black/Lime & Black/Teal
  • Sizes: 1000 x 380 x 360mm (L x W x H)
  • Xtra Pockets

    Three additional external padded pockets

  • Ex Bat

    An external sleeve compartment positions the bat away from other equipment offering greater protection during extensive transit.

  • HD Wheels

    Heavy duty wheels with full length runners

  • Kooka Tuff

    Premium braided polyester to take the 'wear and tear'

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