Marsha Cox


The Opening Ceremony

Friday 30th May marked the day of the opening Ceremony for the Rabobank Hockey World Cup.

After our last training session we rushed off to get ready to look as pretty as we could. The captains were told to be at the venue earlier than the rest of the players to rehearse… A mysterious hurry up and wait scenario. We ended up arriving at the same time as everybody, however we were whisked away to the theatre to rehearse. The director of the show was not very impressed with our rhythmical ability so in the end all we ended up doing was standing in pairs, facing each other and tapping hockey sticks together.

The OC was actually quite spectacular and the highlight of the afternoon was having a moment to take pics with all the captains and The King of Holland.

5th June 2014

As the lowest-ranked team in the tournament, we were handed the toughest start possible –opening match against Argentina.  It was tough.

Our focus and training has been about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, working hard through fatigue and getting physical. But our opening game didn’t go as planned as we conceded too many silly goals. This did not kill our motivation and focus, though.

We’re still on a mission. Two games into the tournament and on two losses, we still have the fight and passion within our group. It’s a long tournament with three more important games to go and we’re still very motivated.

On another note, I must commend the FIH and KNHB for the way they’ve promoted this World Cup. There’s so much attention to detail that makes it extra special. I just love the pre-match and post-match efforts on social media.