Being a Baton Bearer


By Rosie Hazell

Well done to ‪#‎teamkookaburra ‪#‎hockey player Rosie Hazell who was lucky enough to be a baton bearer for the ‪#‎Glasgow2014 Commonwealth Games. Rosie got in touch with to tell us about her special day.

"St Andrews, where I ran my segment, was the last destination of Fife of the travels for the baton that day. 10 baton bearers including myself, Holly Cram (Scottish Hockey Player) and Eve Muirhead (Olympic Curler) met before our segment. When I realised who else was running with the baton and what amazing achievements they had accomplished it made me realise what an honour it was to be running with the baton.

We boarded a mini bus that dropped us at our segments. As I got off the bus on one side was about half of my school all cheering! On the other was my family. The roar when I got off the bus was immense and felt surreal. As I got off the bus my police officer (I had my own one because I was under 18) told me the details of what the next 10 minutes would entail. I feel nervous until I saw the media van coming towards us. That's when I realised what I was about to do. As the baton came I was moved into the middle of the road to meet the other baton bearer. I congratulated him and we had our picture taken as he handed the baton to me.

The next few minutes flew by. It involved lots of smiling and waving! It went by so quickly I hadn't actually realised that the next baton bearer was waiting and I just wanted to keep going!

I loved every minute of it and it will be one of the most memorable days of my life!"