Zoe Shipperley


TEAM: England

Follow Zoe on Twitter: @ShipperleyZoe

Nickname: Shippers, Shippo

Date of Birth: 17/03/1990

Club/Highest Level Played:  GB/England Senior, Buckingham Ladies 1st

Shirt Number: Club 11, International 27

Occupation: Teacher

Favourite Film: Gladiator

How did you get into hockey?   School – Zak Jones

What tune are you listening to on your IPhone?  Sadly I live in the olden days and still have a Nokia

What does hockey mean to you?  I play hockey because I have a passion and love for the game but more importantly for all the amazing friends playing has given me. 

What are your future aspirations?  To play in Rio 2016

Who do you look up to?  Who is your hero?  Mum and Dad

What was the best team you have played for?  Buckingham Ladies

If you weren’t a hockey player what would you be? Teacher

What’s your most embarrassing hockey moment?   Managing to Inject the ball over the back fence