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29th April 2016

I’ve been watching the county scores and there have been a few runs scored.  Lancashire had a really good start with a win but the weather over here in India beats playing in the snow I have to say! 

Martin Guptill has followed me to Mumbai and now Lancashire! He’s a great acquisition for Lancashire and the side is determined to defend the T20 crown. He’ll add explosive batting to the top of the order for us.

I try to keep in touch with Lancashire as much as possible.  I’m obviously really interested to see how the lads are getting on so I send them messages before and after games.  I’ve been away from the ground all winter and as much as I’m enjoying the IPL and the experience, it will be nice to get back to Old Trafford and catch up with everyone.  I am missing normal things like making a cup of tea or breakfast and sitting on my own sofa at home. McVities chocolate digestives - I miss them a lot too!  I’m a home boy and I’m always excited to get back.

Thinking of England, it’s a cliché but you take what’s ahead of you in the short-term and immediately the IPL is my focus but then when I get back of course I want to play well.  It is six months since I’ve played a Test and you watch a lot.  Even though I didn’t play in South Africa I felt I learned a great deal.  Playing T20 there are a few things that I can’t really work on at the minute but I feel I understand more about myself and my game that I can implement that against the red ball which will give me more success.
I’ve been lucky to have time with guys like Ricky Ponting and I’ve been trying to pick his brains about my technique.  He was commentating on some of the Ashes games in England so it’s good to hear if he sees anything that can help me. That’s one of the amazing things about the IPL.  Whether it’s over a beer in the bar or on a flight you can chat to all sorts of people about these things.

When you’re away you miss your friends and family so it’s great to have my girlfriend out in Mumbai at the moment. She has her best mate with her so it’s good fun to visit parts of Mumbai with them. We had a fascinating and humbling experience going to the Dharavi Slum. There’s a lot of recycling and leather production and some of Slumdog Millionaire was filmed there. It was amazing to see the conditions they live and work in. As much as it reminds you how lucky we are, they had a great spirit about them and the people were upbeat considering the conditions they’re living in.

I’ve probably been hanging around with Tim Southee the most out of our team. There are a few Kiwi lads in the team and we tend to go for lunch together.  In Mumbai there are some fantastic restaurants from all over the world.  We went to the Bombai Canteen which was really fun with lots of load music and we got stuck into some curries and local breads. They had a chicken tikka taco-style in an Indian bread which I really enjoyed.

I feel in good form with the bat and haven’t had that match-defining innings I’d like to have - but I feel that’s just around the corner.  After such a good start the other night against Kings XI, I just had to get going straight from Ball One and managed to play a couple of my favourite shots which is always good fun.  It was a much-needed win.  We haven’t quite hit the straps and we’ve got ourselves in a position where we really need to win most, if not all of our remaining games.  There’s expectation to improve our form so it was great to get another win against the Kolkata Knight Riders and we want to build on two straight victories against the Rising Pune Supergiants on Sunday.

29th April 2016, Jos Buttler