Kookaburra Rhodus Hockey Stick


  • MODEL: Rhodus MBow
  • CODE: 6A2820

  • Dual Core

    Dual Core construction creates high power with the perfect blend of playability and control.

  • Reinforced Edge

    Kookaburra have reinforced the backhand edge, strengthening a key area in stick construction, aiding and enhancing durability

  • SFR

    Kookaburra’s unique soft feel resin formulated into the core construction of the stick creates unparalelled durability and exquisite feel on impact

Profile MBow 2.0
Features Dual Core, Reinforced Precision Edge & SFR
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Grip Extreme Soft
WeightLight & Medium (38.5" Medium only)
Length36.5", 37.5" & 38.5"
70% Carbon
30% Fibreglass
- Profile
Taking things to the next stage, the MBow 2.0 emphasizes the MBow 1 effect by creating a more prominent bow further up the shaft. The result, unparalleled levels of playability and power. OPTIMUM POINT; 24mm through 410mm
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