Kookaburra Pro 300 Holdall Cricket Bag


Functional features, high quality materials and smart graphics make Kookaburra an obvious choice for any player.

  • MODEL: Pro 300 Holdall
  • CODE:

Medium capacity holdall cricket bag for the club or school cricketer and choice of four colour options.

  • Xtra Pockets

    Additional pockets that assist in ease of access and organisation of player’s kit.

  • Air Mesh

    Kookaburra use rubberised vents in key areas to improve airflow and reduce odours in storage.

  • IN Bat

    An separate chamber that is reinforced and padded to give unrivalled protection for up to three bats and helps keep the bag balanced.

  • 'Kooka Tuff'

    Premium nylon braided polyester material which can take the wear and tear.

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