Kookaburra at Rio



This Saturday sees competition in the Rio Olympics start and Kookaburra Sport will be in the middle of the action at the Olympic Hockey Centre for the duration of the Games.

As well as many of  world hockey’s finest players using Kookaburra equipment and footwear during competition, Kookaburra will be the focus of action in all games with the Kookaburra ball to be used throughout the tournament.

2016 marks 60 years since the Kookaburra was first used in Olympic competition – when the Olympics were held in its hometown of Melbourne in 1956.

Since 1984 every Olympic hockey match has used a Kookaburra ball, the Kookaburra travelling to each of the nine Olympic cities from Los Angeles onwards.

The Dimple Elite Mark II ball will be used in all men’s and women’s competition in Rio, the newly developed ball featuring a micro-foamed polyurethane core. The innovation was co-developed between Kookaburra, Dow Chemical and Pacific Urethanes and produces a ball with a superior and more consistent performance than balls with traditional cores.

Players from New Zealand and Australia will use Kookaburra equipment during competition, including:

  • Madonna Blyth (Australia Women’s Captain)
  • Blair Tarrant (New Zealand Men)
  • Pippa Hayward (New Zealand Women)
  • Jordy Grant (New Zealand Women)
  • Kat Henry (New Zealand Women)
  • Rosie Keddell (New Zealand Women)
  • Natasha Fitzsimons (New Zealand Women)

Date: 5 August, 2016