Kookaburra Wildfire Hockey Stick


Kookaburra’s legendary MBow range, combining contemporary design with enormous power. Class is the driving force behind the MBow range, whether you’re a commanding defender, skillful playmaker or an out and out striker, the MBow range offers a diverse spectrum of sticks that will undoubtedly allow you to fulfil your ambition. Introducing the MBow range... Experts perfect it, connoisseurs select it!

  • MODEL: Wildfire
  • CODE: LSWildfireIn

Twin Tube Core - 25% Carbon / 75% Fibreglass Matrix

Carbon/Fibreglass Percent Twin Tube Core - 35% Carbon / 65% Fibreglass Matrix
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Profile Description MBow 1
WeightLight & Medium
Length34”, 35”, 36.5”, 37.5”
35% Carbon
65% Fibreglass
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