Arjan Drayton Chana


TEAM: England U21 Men

Follw Arjan on Twitter: @ArjanDrayton22

Nickname: Arj

Date of Birth: 2 March 1994

Shirt Number: 4

Occupation: Student/Athlete

Favourite Film: Last Samurai

Other Teams: Cannock Mens 1st team

How did you get into hockey?  At a very young age! As soon as I could walk (8 months) I would go with my dad to watch him coach and I’ve been playing ever since.

What tune are you listening to on your IPhone?  Thriftshop

What does hockey mean to you?  Everything.  Life without hockey would be boring and I wouldn’t be so active!

What are your future aspirations?   To represent GB at the Olympics

Who do you look up to?  Who is your hero?  Brazilian Ronaldo

What was the best team you have played in?   GB U21’s in Australia