Robin Jones


TEAM: South Africa 

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Nickname: Rozza
Date of Birth: 08-11-1991
Club/Highest Level Played: International
Shirt Number: 4
Occupation: Student
Favourite Film: The Shawshank Redemption
How did you get into hockey? Hockey family and community.
What tune are you listening to on your IPhone? A little bit of everything.
What does hockey mean to you?  Massive part of my life. Has been and still will be my main source of opportunity.
What are your future aspirations?  Hopefully attend an Olympic games.
Who do you look up to?  Who is your hero?   Have a few, but Roger Federer stands out the most.
What was the best team you have been on?  The South African u21 team to win the African Cup.
If you weren’t a hockey player what would you be?  Somewhere in the corporate world probably, not office bound though. I enjoy dealing with people.
What’s your most embarrassing hockey moment?  Having to play a full hockey match after losing one of my front teeth.
What’s your proudest hockey moment?  Making my senior international debut for South Africa.
Career Highlights:  Playing at the commonwealth games in Glasgow. Captaining my country at the World Student game in Kazan.


Commonwealth games, 2014. London Cup, 2014 (Bronze), World student games 2013 (Captain),Champions challenge 2012, Argentina. Junior Africa cup 2012, captain ( Gold). South Africa Indoor squad 2014.