Kookaburra is without doubt the greatest name in wicket keeping equipment...

The endorsement of the giants of wicket keeping, Rod Marsh, Ian Healy, Ray Jennings and Adam Gilchrist is testament to the enduring heritage that the brand possesses in technical design. The baton has now been passed to Brad Haddin, A.B De Villiers and Jos Buttler meaning that no brand has taken more ‘victims’ than Kookaburra.

No brand knows more about what is required to make a great wicket keeping product. It is the work of the Kookaburra R&D Team in conjunction with our ‘Team Kookaburra’ Players, that continue to produce unique design features throughout the range giving club players the features and benefits that previously were reserved only for professionals.

Using only the finest materials, every pair is not only handmade but also the best that it can be. It’s these materials that give Kookaburra products that unique feel and support that you need to take the ball every time. Our bespoke design and quality control ensures no other wicket keeping glove feels as good as a Kookaburra. Kookaburra ‘K’ (Kangaroo) leather has been specially developed to produce one of the softest, strongest and lightest leathers available – it has incredible tensile strength and offers unsurpassed comfort and superb impact absorption.