Kookaburra Team Midas Hockey Stick

Calibre Wood

Energise Your Game with the Kookaburra Calibre! Fluorescent orange and our new Concave bow make the Calibre a favourite among 3D specialists and goal scorers alike.

  • MODEL: Calibre Wood
  • CODE:

The Kookaburra Calibre Wooden hockey stick features a Gloss Label with an Exposed Wooden Head.

Profile MBow
Features High Quality Airbrush Finish
Head Shape Kookaburra Maxi
Grip Pro Gel
WeightMedium only
Length24", 26", 28", 30" 32" & 34"
- Profile
For players that prefer a more conventional stick. The MBow places the optimum point of the bow in the mid-section of the shaft, enhancing ball control and 'sweep hitting' techniques, whilst specialising in the full blooded strike.
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